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Reflections from an educator…

Browsing for books at the local thrift stores, used selections from, or trading with friends and coupling them with audio book pairs down loaded on-line, can be an inexpensive approach for building your own visual/audio library that is kid specific.

Children crave the visual as indicative of the technological world they live.  Therefore, reading old school style can be challenging for homeschool educators at times.  Research shows that listening to a variety of oral readings is key to developmentally appropriate reading skills including:  tracking, fluency, intonation, and speed.

I recently picked up a Roal Dahl series for my eight year old, which are a wee bit beyond his developmental reading level, but he loves the stories!  So, in addition to mom and dad readings, I purchased the audio book pair for under $5 each.  Because it’s a new context, I’m realizing he takes his reading time very seriously as he concentrates on careful listening in order to keep pace with the narrator.  I’m learning that for him to hold the book on his own while experiencing a different voice and using his very special ‘ear candy’ headphones, is prompting him to read on his own AND more often.  That’s a recipe for an independent reader.

Reflections from an educator, Mom