Creative Vocabulary

A couple additions from our phonetically creative little people:

\comp – you – ter\ noun; choice pick for phonetic spelling

Described by my 8 year old that the word computer has the word “you” in it because every one has to have their own computer “…and by the way mom, I think my computer should be a iPad.”


\fa – chi – na\ noun; mom’s vagina

The day I realized it was time for my son to take baths on his own.


\shath\ noun; a combination of a shower and a bath

\shath\ verb; showering before moving into bathing

Devleoped by my 8 year old who has a mane of hair which has proven difficult to wash in the bath alone and requires a thorough rinsing in the shower.


Please reply with your creative vocabulary!

Happy Homeschooling,

Sabrina Albrecht

Mom, Educator at Home


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One response to “Creative Vocabulary

  • sabrinaalbrecht

    \vancho\ noun; vanilla and chocolate mixed ice cream.
    While reading a vend diagram during math, my kid had to determine “what kind of ice cream does Joe like?” Joe fell in the middle category as liking both vanilla and chocolate.

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