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We ski and my kid knows nothing else between the months of December through April.  Living in a small, mountain town lends itself to snow skiing and we take full advantage of our benefits on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe.  The locals here don’t spend their time sleeping in when a strong storm blows through.  You’ll find us anxiously hiking a hill to get first tracks before the sun rises. We enjoy our first cup of coffee and a bowl of Cheerios after that.
Lessons in the pure enjoyment for a sport are those I coddle.  These are the lessons that, at times, are not planned and savor the phrase–carpe diem.  My eight year old son rolls with it, because he doesn’t know the alternative yet.  He understands the initial angst of dragging himself from between warm sheets and back into a pair of ski pants and a down jacket, has more to offer in the long run of his day.  He gets excited about the snow fall and boasts about powder skiing before he’s even on the snow with his sticks.  These are the mornings I revel, because I have the opportunity to teach my passion to my son.  It’s the easiest lesson.
On those days we have sunshine and groomed runs at our local resort, we run hot laps down our favorite run together.  I struggle to keep pace with my son, as he rips through the park, carves perfectly to a speedy stop…and waits patiently for me.  I’m out of breath when I get to him.  He smiles and takes off agin with a giggle.  There’s nothing better.
Fostering the joys of a sport you share with your children builds strong bonds between child and parent.  It’s the stuff you can’t teach in a classroom.  It’s the stuff you won’t find in a text book or on a test.  It’s the stuff that gets pushed aside sometimes, as our lives get busy.  It’s the stuff I reach for ever day.  I grab that time and spend it doing something my kid and I enjoy…together.
Sabrina Albrecht
Mom, Educator at Home


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Currently consulting direct with families interested in homeschooling their children, to develop time management skills and developmentally appropriate curriculum. Create a framework by which parents can work independently with their children for academic success, including family and community values, the process of documentation in the elementary years, process of credit documentation for high school, standardized testing, teaching content area concepts and skills for the individual child, and guidance through the college entrance process for homeschool children. Co-Founder of the Kings Beach Parents' Cooperative, a non-profit 501(c)3, developed the school from preschool to fifth grade. In addition to Director, created daily leadership role as administrator based on need to develop cohesive, salient, and successful elementary programs for children; worked direct with teachers, parents, and board members. Active public speaker and writer within the community to continue promoting programs for children. Successful career as an Administrator and English teacher with the Washoe County School and Clark County School Districts, providing a foundation for educational leadership with future endeavors. Degrees from the University of Nevada, Reno and Las Vegas include Bachelor of Arts degree in Secondary Education, Master of Arts degree in Instructional & Curricular Studies with an emphasis in Linguistics/Teaching English as a Second Language, and Education Specialist in Leadership degree. Specialties Guidance for how to build a homeschool context that best suits your family. Specializing in writing as a valuable, communicative skill for the future of our children and working with children to adults for developing personal talents in the discipline. View all posts by sabrinaalbrecht

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