Meet Fudge

Meet Fudge and Otto

Artistic, Poetic inspiration

Meet Fudge

Otto, my son, came home from his sculpture class with a giant thing constructed from an array of card board boxes, tubes, and bright duct tape.  This Thing, I ask with enthusiasm, what is IT?  I lift my eyebrows in wonderment.  Otto’s smile reaches across his face and he’s beaming, It’s Fudge.  Hmmmmm, I think to myself.  I raise my eyebrows again and Otto realizes I’m not picking up what he is laying down–I’m just not gettin‘ it.  So he continues, He’s a cross between a duck, a wiener dog, a flamingo, a horse, and a human.  Perfect.  Now it’s clear.

Fudge is the inspiration of an eclectic background including Shel Silverstein, Dr. Seuss, and my son’s sculpture class.  We’ve been reading a lot of Dr. Seuss lately, The Lorax, Horton Hears a Who, Yertle the Turtle along with a few of the newer stories.  And then there’s Shel Silverstein, one of Otto’s favorite poets and keeps his books within reach.  Take all the creative juices Dr. Seuss and Silverstein use to conjure the wacky, friendly beasts in their stories and couple these with the mind of a child and a card board box master piece and this is what we got…

I Am Fudge

I am a duck with soft, colorful feathers

of orange, brown, red and white.  

I am a wiener dog with little short legs

and low to the ground.

I am a flamingo with a long straight neck

that helps me reach things I peck.

I am a  human with a unibrow and mustache,

like Jaimie on ‘Myth Busters’.

I am a bug with antennas.

My name is Fudge. 

But wait, there’s a little more.  Otto’s favorite past time is the iPad.  In an effort to control the ‘zero engagement screen time’ in my kid’s life, I let him purchase educational games.  His favorite is Stack the States.  I’m thinking all the facts he’s been spewing about our states had some influence on his thoughts.  This is his next creation…

I’m a Ducka-giraffa-doga-saurus of the Caves of Mt. Rushmore Grun,

I spit fudge as thick as waterfalls forming giant puddles of fun.

When my predator the elephant comes to fight,

He charges through giant fudge puddles on sight,

Like a humongous, somersaulting ball of fudge.

His poem follows suit with Silverstein’s poem “The Dragon of Grindly Grun” in A Light in the Attic, for all of you literary enthusiasts.

I sit in wonderment at the end of our day and I’m so grateful for the time I have to spend learning with my kid.  Despite we experience some bumps and glumps and dumpy moments, the discovery part is grand.  Today we discovered the silliness of words and crazy birds.  I attribute the richness of our day to the innocence of a child’s imagination that leaves an air of sweetness in our classroom with Fudge.

Sabrina Albrecht

Mom, Educator at Home


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